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Nov 9, 2012 9:00am EST
... yfor president - about 3 hours from now... he's about the economy... in a statement from the east room. it's a chance for the newly re- some of the big issues facing washinggon... including stavvng off the so-called also serves to outlineethe president's priorities mooiig forward. 3 are making sure their students know today... how importaat it ssrved. joel d. ssith is seev. liveeat gerstell accdemy where leadership is taught everrday, 3 3 3 special offers for men and women in uniform... this veteran's dayy offering a complimentary entree from a special menu. complimentaryyappeeizerr... pnd longhorn steakhouse is offerinn a complimentaay alcohooic bevvragg. on--- veterans nd active-ddty military need to show ppoof of service... ffr theespecial offers. we have two very special additions today... to our fox45 famiil.our mornnng show director... karen burress... gave birthhto twin boos thursday morning. morning.on the left... yoo're looking at hugh the fourrh..e came into the world at 4-pounds 12-ouncesshe's a fuul brother grayson.. who you'ree grayson ii 33pounds 10-ounces.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1